There are many ways to live life and there are many ways to have a wedding no single wedding is the same. So the fact that there are many ways to have a wedding is a good thing, because I can create a wedding that will suit every person and every couple in there unique way.

 International couples have recently increased in Japan. The wedding planner who can speak English will be requested nowadays too. I have some understanding of U.S.A. So I understand cultures from different countries and different ways of doing things. To achieve your wonderful day, I listen to your requests. And then we find a venue that suit you. I am able to organize any wedding which you want. In the past there were the couples that had weddings in the park, at the beach, in their own home, at a restaurant and so on. You are able to have wedding in a casual style or formal style is up to you. Please let me know a lot of your wedding requests and let’s make it together!


One couple one price.

The counseling meeting is free until I receive your application. There is no wedding the same. So I cherish to consider your requests and imagine what is most suitable for your wedding and how you imagine it. Because of that I can only do a small number of weddings per month. That is unlike the case of wedding ceremony halls or producing companies, I will support and spend a lot of time trying to get the best outcome for you. I am able to give you a lot of ideas while having a conversation and coming up with new ideas for your wedding day. When you design a house there are many things to decide for example; How big is the house?, How many rooms will it have? When you design your wedding it is very similar, the questions may include; Where shall we have the wedding? Who shall we invite? What style of wedding do we want?The wedding ceremony hall will usually have meeting four or five times until the wedding day, but I will have it about ten times or more.

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Three good points for using a freelance wedding planner.

  1. You are able to customize your wedding in many ways and choose different venues.If you have a place where you have made great memories toghether , for example at the beach ,at a theme park , at a museum and so on.
  2. You are able to customize your budget and get free choice. Most Japanese wedding halls have rules and a set prices. The couple doesn’t have detailed knowledge of how a wedding is organized, but a freelance wedding planer can guide them through the process of planning a wedding.
  3. You don’t need to negotiate with people and companies. The freelance wedding planer negotiates Your budget , schedule , requests and so on.

About your wedding schedule

Step 1.  The first contact
Please contact me by using this contact form. Let me know,if you have any requests and something you want to do. And then, we will decide the date when we meet at my office. Of course ,we can meet whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Step 2.  The first counseling
Please tell me your best wedding idea. But you don’t have to worry , if you don’t have a clear plan. Let’s find your best plan while talking about what you want.

Step 3.  Contact and finding the appropriate venue
Please tell me your request and ideas. I will help you find the best venue for your wedding needs.

Step 4.  Begining to prepare before the wedding
After you decide the venue, let’s make your wedding theme and concept. I will help you how to decide the wedding theme.

Step 5.  About five months before the wedding
Let’s decide and book the clothes,wedding dress,hair and make up artist,a photographer,a MC, a florist to make your wonderful wedding day.

Step 6.  About 4〜1 month before the wedding
We will have the meeting for preparations once a month.

Step. 7  Happy wedding day!!

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